A place for opportunity

Located in San Francisco, this University of the Pacific campus offers a gateway to one of the country's best cities and provides graduate and professional students opportunities to impact the community through hands-on clinical experience.

Bay Bridge at dusk
About San Francisco

One of the most vibrant and diverse cities of the West Coast, San Francisco is a thriving center for the arts and culture, as well as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Its natural beauty, cosmopolitan environment, diverse population and quaint neighborhoods make this Bay Area gem a favorite among locals and visitors.

When you think of San Francisco, images of the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, steep hills and the scenic bay come to mind. This picturesque city is world-renowned, attracting more than 15 million visitors a year. San Francisco's natural beauty, cosmopolitan environment, diverse population and quaint neighborhoods make this West Coast gem a favorite among locals and visitors. 

Things to do in SoMa

Located in the vibrant SoMa district, our students experience the best of Pacific and the Bay Area. Use the map to explore the many restaurants, 商店, and cultural centers of interest near the San Francisco Campus. 

students eating lunch together
A network unlike any other

Like California, our community is among the most diverse in the nation.Our students are bright, determined, and above all else, in it together. From the classroom to extracurriculars, our students discover close-knit like-minded connections that reach beyond their time on campus.

Pacific in Practice

With unique access to internships and clinical experience, you’ll get a head-start on your future career. With our approach, all students receive personal attention that supports their thirst for growth and their career ambitions.

San Francisco Partners

Our partners in San Francisco help University of the Pacific impact the community and take full advantage of the diversity and growth in the Bay Area.

kid's dental clinic with students wearing costumes